Marine and Bulk Commodity Fumigation

Durban Fumigators is proud of it's marine fumigation side and has grown from strength to strength in this division as a result of uncompromising commitment to quality of delivery and exceeding the industry standard and client expectation.

As standard procedure, our marine team remains on standby from the time we are notified of the ships arrival off our port. It is normal for our team to be at the wharf side when the ship is docked. Our team remains on 24/7 duty during the process of preparing the ship for fumigation, during the loading, the fumigation and final departure of the vessel

Our team boarding
the Vessel
Loading of equipment to build a J-System
Loading of Piping for the J-System
Preparation of Piping for the J-System
Operations continue 24/7
Our Team led by Clyde Preparing to enter the holds
Some of the Team, Wesley, Patrick and Wayne
A critical part of the process is to check measurements ensuring a successful fumigation

Installation of Piping for the J-System

Loading of the commodity is commenced and completed


More equipment and fumigant is loaded

Fans (only Degesch) suitable for the conditions and duration of voyage are prepared according to the ships electrical system

Fans are installed and connected to the J-System

The team getting ready to do a scatter fumigation
Scattered pelletts on top of the maize
Health and Safety are taken very seriously by Durban Fumigators, the hatches are sealed and warning signs well displayed before the vessel departure



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